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Here you will find all the information you need about Sarah's books, 'Web of Lies - My Life with a Narcissist' and 'Renaissance - A Journal of Discovery'.

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Web of Lies is an auto-biographical novel about living with a person with a severe personality disorder. 'Web of Lies' is an emotional roller coaster and a compelling tale about a destructive relationship. Seen through the eyes of Sarah (the protagonist), the reader is taken on a decade-long journey which documents the lies, deceit, and eventual unravelling of her life, as she struggles to escape from the spiders web.


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My Life With A Narcissist is the true story of Sarah Tate, a young intelligent woman visiting Switzerland. She met Bill, an older more experienced man who romanced her, lavished her with expensive gifts and dinners to exclusive spas, and swept her off her feet. She had no idea Bill had a Narcissistic Personality.

People with this disorder appear trustworthy and usually paint everything as a rosy picture. They usually relate to people of a higher stature, and ordinary people are out of their reach. They place themselves on a pedestal and expect special treatment and praise. Sarah lived with him for six years and only once saw the real Bill. A chain of disasters brought his mental disorder to light leaving Sarah to care for her children. How she copes and keeps a sane mind demonstrates her courage in an impossible situation.

This is a gripping story that kept me reading to the very end. Watching Bill destroy Sarah and their children’s life was shocking. Everyone should be required to read this book. Most people have never heard of NPD. We should educate ourselves so that we never go through what Sarah did. Excellent reading.


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Web of Lies-My Life with a Narcissist, is an emotionally moving and well written autobiography of how love and trust can blind the truth which in turn will enable a narcissistic personality disorder(NDP) and the struggles toward the road of recovery from being victim to a person of such a disorder. This book covers 10 years of Sarah Tates life in a relationship with her then thought to be, the love of her life, or as she puts it, "Her soulmate, Bill". As you read through the stages of her relationship, you will begin to understand Sarah Tate's feelings and justifications which would not allow her to walk away. You will share her struggles and her dreams from, the wooing courtship to having 3 beautiful children to the downfall and destruction of what she thought was going to be the perfect life. Web of lies-My Life with a Narcissist.. this title most definitely speaks for itself. If you are uncertain as to what a narcissistic personality disorder is ... this book will give you without a doubt, a very clear picture. In any relationship from the beginning and even to the bitter end in some, we tend to continuously convince ourselves that it will get better or that we must have done something wrong. This type of delusional thinking is exactly what a narcissist personality disorder seeds and nurtures. It is what allows them to tighten their grip on the control of your thinking. In this book the author Sarah Tate, shares with us her story about her relationship with this exact type of personality. You will read how her love and trust is used as the fuel that feeds the fire of her then husbands narcissistic tendencies. You will, as the person outside of this relationship, be wondering why she does not see what you see in this man. You will also probably even be telling yourself that you would never be caught in a situation like that. I promise you that by the end of reading Sarah Tates story, you will be not only more aware of your knowledge on narcissistic personality disorders, you may even begin to look at your own relationship through a more clear lens of awareness. highly recommends; Web of Lies- My Life with a Narcissist, as an extremely informative and very effective resource on Narcissistic Personality Disorders for men and women. It is a true awareness lesson for us all, one which is vital to finding a healthy and successful relationship.


Dorothy L -



Web of Lies – My Life With a Narcissist, is an auto-biographical novel written and published by Sarah Tate. Follow Sarah on an emotional roller coaster from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows as the wife of a Narcissistic man. This is a story of a young woman being swept off her feet by the man of her dreams, only to find that the life of luxury he provides is one full of stress, abuse, neglect, and lies. This auto-biography takes you through the years of Sarah’s marriage to this charismatic man, to include the births of their three children. You become emotionally invested in this story as you read further and further into the story of her life. This story makes me think of my first marriage. It makes me think if I hadn’t gotten out as quickly as I did, how my life might have turned out so much differently. You begin to see inside the relationship, instead of seeing it from the outside-in. You begin to see the suffering one goes through privately, while trying to hold things together publicly. This book is a very good read. In fact, I managed to read the entire book in only a couple of hours. I am really glad that Sarah found her way out of the situation she found herself in. I am also sad that other women had been and would continue to fall victim to such a man. Mental illnesses so often go undiagnosed and untreated in so many lives. This book serves to shed light on a personality disorder that will destroy the lives of people all around the individual it affects, while the actual individual continues to blame his or her misfortunes on someone else. I applaud you, Sarah, for sharing your story with the world through your book. I’m giving this book 3½ spiders and recommending it to everyone.


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My advise to anyone who has ever wandered through the netherworlds of relationships based on deceit and lies to buy this book. Its rare that I pick up a book and read it from cover to cover. From the moment I picked up Web of Lies, I could not put it down. Its the kind of novel you could pick up, cry with the author, wonder at what might happen next, be shocked and bemused and yet sadly the whole story was true. Sarah's story is written from the heart with flair and passion about her life with this man called Bill. The man that promised a fairy tale for it to turn into a horror story. What struck me was that despite Bills attempts to snuff out the final spark that led to Sofia, his second wife's suicide. Sarah kept that spark, of her own soul going for the sake of her children and now as a result, her strength of character comes shining through, through her writing. If Sarah is still struggling with what she should be doing as a result of her relationship with this vile man. My wish for her is that she continues to be the author she was destined to be.


Sarah Strudwick, Author of 'Dark Souls' - Healing and Recovering from Toxic Relationships


Author Sarah Tate has written a compelling auto-biography of ten years of her life. As the book opens, we see Sarah being wooed by her “soul mate”, Bill. She says, “He repeatedly told me that I was his ‘soul mate’, the woman he’d been waiting his entire life to meet. Nobody he’d been with before could ever compare to me. I was the one, and he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life.”

A life of luxury and adventure follows until bit by bit we see their life together began to unravel. The reader takes the role of an outsider looking in. I literally wanted to reach through the pages of the book, take Sarah by the shoulders and shake her! The book at this point is so hard to put down because you want to know what will happen next.

Little by little Bill’s continuous narcissistic behavior begins to snuff out life as they know it and the love they once shared, yet Sarah, sweet Sarah, tries to make everything work out. She is determined to not end up like Bill’s second wife Sofia, who committed suicide to escape. An added element to the book is that Sarah has three children with Bill and we see her struggle to do what is best for them throughout the book.

The comments in the book by psychologist, Dr. David Holmes, were very enlightening and very appropriate for the book. After reading his remarks, I went back through the book and reread some of Bill’s behavior that showcased his narcissistic tendencies.

I commend Sarah Tate for sharing her experience with us and I encourage her to continue writing. Her honest and straight forward approach make for an engrossing read.

I recommendWeb of Lies – My Life with a Narcissist for a good, entertaining read.

Donetta Garman, Allbooks Review



New author Sarah Tate brings a tale of domestic horror to the table with her first book, Web of Lies. Not a story of wife beating, but one of an abuse that is, perhaps, even more insidious, even more shocking.

Unputdownable, the book tells of the effects of becoming involved with a man who is a narcissist. At first charming and romantic, Bill woos the young Sarah with a courtship beyond her wildest dreams, but after she agrees to marry him, his true nature and extreme narcissism begins to show, resulting in an unstoppable chain of disasters that leave Sarah and her children struggling to survive.

If you've never heard of Narcissistic Syndrome, read this book. If you identify with the plight of a young wife and mother, stuck in an intolerable situation, read this book. If you want to pick up a book that will keep you reading deep into the night and won't let go until you have turned the very last this book.



I read this book in two sittings over the course of a day as it would not release me from its grip. It's a page turner. Sarah's amazing and often horrendous story, told in such an engaging and personal way, allows us to go along with her in this very incredible journey that she takes once she becomes part of the world of the narcissist. It's a book that will leave you changed, more compassionate and less willing to judge those woman caught in the grasp of a terrible union, while trying to do the best for their children. This book has a lot to teach us women about how badly we want a relationship at great cost to ourselves.

Well written and easy to read.

Donna Jackson



'For the last few years i had lost my ability to really switch off and read, thanks to you and your amazing ability to write in such a graphic way i have found it again and have become completely engulfed by this book, well done and good luck. xxx'

Julie, UK



'WHAT A STORY !! Its not often I come across a story that I can’t put down but here it is in WEB OF LIES. The way I judge things is when i read a story, if i can picture every scene, feel every emotion, then that’s a good story but when I’m reading and its playing like a film in my head then that’s brilliant writing. You take us on the journey with you, picture everything you describe and then thank god it wasn’t us. Sadly though there are many people who do go through it for real and I hope they read your story and find courage and strength.

WEB OF LIES is a must read for anyone who has been through a relationship that isnt perfect so I think that just about covers everyone.......'

John, UK



'This is compelling stuff...draws the reader in immediately and doesn't let go. I love the way that the tension builds as Sarah discovers, little by little, that there is a sense of something not quite hard as she tries to ignore it, she is forced to face it as Bill unravels. Bill's character is sharply drawn, a ... See more character who begins in your dreams and ends in your worst nightmares...Sarah allows you to see her frailties and mistakes, yet enlists your sympathy by her absolute honesty. Who wouldn’t, indeed, be taken in by such flattery and romance?'

Joanna, France


'I'm still reeling in shock after reading the manuscript - I feel very privileged to have been allowed to read the whole thing! I thought it was absolutely fantastic and couldn't put it down (even though I knew the story, so what does that say about your writing?!). I'm so, so proud of what you have achieved.'

Jess, France


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