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My Life With A Narcissist is the true story of Sarah Tate, a young intelligent woman visiting Switzerland. She met Bill, an older more experienced man who romanced her, lavished her with expensive gifts and dinners to exclusive spas, and swept her off her feet. She had no idea Bill had a Narcissistic Personality.

People with this disorder appear trustworthy and usually paint everything as a rosy picture. They usually relate to people of a higher stature, and ordinary people are out of their reach. They place themselves on a pedestal and expect special treatment and praise. Sarah lived with him for six years and only once saw the real Bill. A chain of disasters brought his mental disorder to light leaving Sarah to care for her children. How she copes and keeps a sane mind demonstrates her courage in an impossible situation.

This is a gripping story that kept me reading to the very end. Watching Bill destroy Sarah and their children’s life was shocking. Everyone should be required to read this book. Most people have never heard of NPD. We should educate ourselves so that we never go through what Sarah did. Excellent reading.

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New author Sarah Tate brings a tale of domestic horror to the table with her first book, Web of Lies. Not a story of wife beating, but one of an abuse that is, perhaps, even more insidious, even more shocking.

Unputdownable, the book tells of the effects of becoming involved with a man who is a narcissist. At first charming and romantic, Bill woos the young Sarah with a courtship beyond her wildest dreams, but after she agrees to marry him, his true nature and extreme narcissism begins to show, resulting in an unstoppable chain of disasters that leave Sarah and her children struggling to survive.

If you've never heard of Narcissistic Syndrome, read this book. If you identify with the plight of a young wife and mother, stuck in an intolerable situation, read this book. If you want to pick up a book that will keep you reading deep into the night and won't let go until you have turned the very last this book.

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For the first time in my life I can say that I literally couldn't put this book down. I started it in the evening and read so long I didn't want to go to bed for the night. Two sittings is all it took to take in this sad, sometimes unbelievable, important account. We are right there as this woman is struggling with all her might to disentangle her mind from deceit, illusion, and cruel mental and emotional manipulation. I have a close friend who lived through a relationship very similar, and only now do I truly see the agony she went through, especially with children involved. It doesn't matter if this strikes a chord or not, the information contained here is invaluable. It will enlighten and also help prepare any potentially unsuspecting person by clueing them into this kind of behavior and treatment. The havoc it wreaks is staggering.

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